Study Lounge

Drop in Workplace Study: $18/ Hour
For Students who need help with organization, encouragement, and general study skills, but are able to work independently on homework or research. Tutors are available to answer questions as students work through their daily homework. Includes use of all facility resources. Drop in is available M, T, Th 2-6pm and W 1-5pm. 1 tutor:6 students.

Discount packages: (discount packages good for 6 mos.)

10 hrs: $170 ($17 per hr)

15 hrs: $240 ($16 per hr)

20 hrs: $300 ($15 per hr)

Homework Buddy: $36/ Hour
A trainer sits with the student when needed, to guide them and answer questions. This option is great for students whom either need more assistance than workplace study, are easily distracted in groups or need assistance outside of our drop in hours. By appointment all open hours. Discounts availible when hours are bought in ‘Private Tutoring’ packages, any private package will be converted into 2x the private hour allotment.

Study Groups: $18-36/ Hour
One trainer answers questions and does example problems for students with similar material to cover. Groups may consist of 2-5 students. We do not guarantee all courses will have group availability, finding others in your courses interested in forming a group is a great way to get started.

Homework Club: $325/ Month
Unlimited hours of Workplace Study between the hours of 1-7 pm. Supervised homework or research time and independent studying with access to all center resources.

STARS: $18-$72/ Hour

All packages can also be converted into a STARS package for students who would like to use a variety of our services. 4 stars=1 private hr/ 2 stars=1 h.w. help hr/ 1 star= 1 workplace hr.